The “Tattletale” Guest…

This blog is for the guests at weddings. If you request a song from the DJ and he / she does not say they will play and / or has not played in the timely manner you wished…please DO NOT run and tell the bride or the groom. Not for the DJ’s sake but for the bride and the groom. When you do that, it now puts the bride / groom in that awkward position of having to go up to the DJ and insist on putting the song on. It is not what they want to do on their wedding day-be the music enforcer. More than likely there is a specific reason why the DJ is hesitant to play your song. They are professionals and play possibly 50 weddings a year (or more). We understand your frustration with us, even when you claim “this song will rock the house!!!” For the sake of the bride and groom…do not run and tattletale.800x800_1414448648612-105838597371364629883288075749459826583663n


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