12 Unique Wedding Ceremony Trending Ideas

Cool ideas!


  1. Have ceremony favors to thank your guest when they arrive
  2. Entertain your guests as they wait by playing a slide show before the ceremony
  3. Have a pre-ceremony cocktail party of drink station
  4. If you are having an outdoor ceremony in the heat, give guests fans or umbrellas
  5. Do a custom aisle runner with the Bride & Groom’s names and wedding date
  6. Create unique seating for your ceremony such as a circular arrangement, haystacks, benches or ottomans
  7. Face your guest during your vows
  8. Have a special type of ceremony such as a ring warming, wine ceremony, tying the knot ceremony incorporated into your wedding ceremony
  9. Use wooden signs, fabric backdrops, lanterns, lace, feathers, picture frames in your ceremony decor
  10. Rather than wearing a veil choose another option such as a barrette, feathers, flowers or a crown
  11. Have your Bridesmaids carry something other than flowers that is personal to you
  12. Plan a…

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