The “Tattletale” Guest…

This blog is for the guests at weddings. If you request a song from the DJ and he / she does not say they will play and / or has not played in the timely manner you wished…please DO NOT run and tell the bride or the groom. Not for the DJ’s sake but for the bride and the groom. When you do that, it now puts the bride / groom in that awkward position of having to go up to the DJ and insist on putting the song on. It is not what they want to do on their wedding day-be the music enforcer. More than likely there is a specific reason why the DJ is hesitant to play your song. They are professionals and play possibly 50 weddings a year (or more). We understand your frustration with us, even when you claim “this song will rock the house!!!” For the sake of the bride and groom…do not run and tattletale.800x800_1414448648612-105838597371364629883288075749459826583663n

Wedding reception seating…

0967_JoePhoto-e1335224822198  Probably one of the most annoying aspects of planning a wedding is the dreaded seating chart for the reception. While most of planning a wedding is exciting and fun, most find the job of seating tedious and  frustrating.

While we are certainly sympathetic to your plight and you may have severe constraints at your venue, here is some advice on where to place your DJ when figuring out seating.

The optimum location for your DJ is in the center of the room (with their back to the wall–not literally in the center), next to the dance floor. Place your guests to left and right of the dance floor / DJ setup. This is critical for a number of reasons. The closer your DJ is to “the action” on the floor, the easier it is to feel the vibe of the crowd. Requests are easier and idle chatter can be heard to help direct the DJ to desired genres of music. In addition, this setup allows you to place your older guests furthest from the speakers. Although the DJ should never play too loud (one of my pet peeves as a DJ), once the party gets started the older folks are sufficiently away from the music so that they can reminisce.

The center setup also allows for dance floor lighting to be placed around the DJ setup, right onto the dance floor.

Try to avoid placing your DJ in a corner, forcing them to send sound over people onto the dance floor in the center of the room. This is simply not an efficient way to maximize sound. The people in front of the speakers suffer, while the people in the opposite corner struggle to hear.  This also adversely affects any  lighting to be effective.  Please avoid this whenever possible.

Finally, make sure your DJ is given enough space to operate. While most reputable DJs do not use crates of cds or albums, your DJ still needs space to move.  Before I  had the experience and the maturity to ask,  I was sometimes pushed into a tiny corner, adversely affecting my ability.

Once again, we are sympathetic to your venue’s restrictions and family issues. Whenever possible, we recommend these simple rules for maximum dancing and having a festive atmosphere!

12 Unique Wedding Ceremony Trending Ideas

Cool ideas!

  1. Have ceremony favors to thank your guest when they arrive
  2. Entertain your guests as they wait by playing a slide show before the ceremony
  3. Have a pre-ceremony cocktail party of drink station
  4. If you are having an outdoor ceremony in the heat, give guests fans or umbrellas
  5. Do a custom aisle runner with the Bride & Groom’s names and wedding date
  6. Create unique seating for your ceremony such as a circular arrangement, haystacks, benches or ottomans
  7. Face your guest during your vows
  8. Have a special type of ceremony such as a ring warming, wine ceremony, tying the knot ceremony incorporated into your wedding ceremony
  9. Use wooden signs, fabric backdrops, lanterns, lace, feathers, picture frames in your ceremony decor
  10. Rather than wearing a veil choose another option such as a barrette, feathers, flowers or a crown
  11. Have your Bridesmaids carry something other than flowers that is personal to you
  12. Plan a…

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